A team of like-minded people set out to code for social good

We are an organization at the University of California, Davis that builds websites for local organizations that service the Sacramento and Davis community. Our mission is to code for social good and promote technological growth for our partners. Through these projects, our club members get real-world opportunities to expand their design, technical, teamwork, and communication skills.

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We are a team of students working with non-profit organizations on projects to help them better serve their communities! We've worked with various non-profits around Yolo county.

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Member Testimonials

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Julie Deng

President ‘19 - ‘21
My experience with #include has definitively shaped my college experience, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the technical skills, leadership abilities, and strong community that #include has helped me to foster. I’ve met some of my best friends through the organization, and I’ve utilized the skills that I’ve learned in interviews and internships along the way. I’m glad that I found this club in my freshman year, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Zoe Fox

Vice President ‘19 - ‘20
#include allowed me to explore the world of tech and accepted me whole-heartedly for my non-technical background. I learned the ins-and-outs of what goes into developing a website, especially the interconnection between design and software development. #include meetings were always a highlight of my week, especially demos when we got to demonstrate what we accomplished for our projects. I will always be grateful to #include for taking a chance and developing me into a leader!

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Bryan Wong

Director of Technology ‘19 - ‘20
Hi I'm Bryan and I was part of #include for 2 years. During my time there I learned how to work and coordinate other people in a team. It's been a valuable part of my college experience because I was able to make some cool projects while also making some great friends along the way.

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Brian Hoang

Director of Marketing ‘19 - ‘20
Being a part of #include has been a transformative experience for me. Initially, I joined the club to just get involved in some projects that would help me learn skills and web technologies to put on my resume for internships. Moreover, the fact that these projects were for non-profit organizations in the Davis community just seemed like an added bonus. What I found, however, was much more than what I had expected. I found myself a part of a team dedicated to social good. I found the opportunity to step up and better myself as a leader of the club while still learning the technical skills that I came to the club for. I found great friends that I still talk to on a regular basis about not just all things tech-career related but also life as well. #include has been a gem in my college experience that I did not expect.

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Sam Waters

President ‘18 - ‘19
As both a member and board member, #include offered me countless opportunities to further my own technical aptitude while also fostering a tight-knit community for others to do the same. In the world of software engineering, the experience of facilitating end-to-end development of projects is invaluable, and #include allows you to do just that among an exceedingly welcoming collective of students.

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Sailesh Patnala

Co-Founder & Vice President ‘16 - ‘18
We wanted to start a community of students that had a shared interest in technology and giving back to the community. With that in mind, we started #include as a student organization that helps local non-profit organizations with digital transformation and also involve students to work together on projects outside of the classroom setting. My experience with #include was very rewarding and I especially enjoyed meeting students from different backgrounds and seeing everyone come together to work on the projects.

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Yash Pahade

Co-Founder & President ‘16 - ‘18
Throughout my college career, I couldn't shake the feeling that we weren't picking any practical skills from classes and that was how the vision of #include was created. It gave me the opportunity to start an organization, build my technical skill set, get well acquainted with the local non-profit scene and just be overall very resourceful. It was very rewarding to work with some of the smartest and hardest working individuals. I treasure the experiences and people I met throughout my time in #include.

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